Friday, November 11, 2011

Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan Project Extension

AMIR has reported earlier on this important initiative.
See :
It is good to know that the project will continue through December 2012.

"The University of Michigan Library’s “Collaboration in Cataloging: Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan” project staff are pleased to announce that our collaborative project to fully catalogue our Islamic Manuscripts Collection has been officially extended through December 2012. This extension will allow us to complete the time-consuming physical examination of those manuscripts that have thus far only been examined in the digital environment by the project cataloguer, Evyn Kropf, and by our generous colleagues around the world.

To date, this extensive digital examination - combined with physical examination efforts on the part of the project cataloguer and her cataloguing assistants, has resulted in 810 of the roughly 880 previously uncatalogued manuscripts being fully or near fully catalogued with detailed, data-rich records in our online library catalogue. 136 of these are in fact manuscripts for which digitization is not possible at this time.

The extension will also allow us to continue receiving and archiving your contributions to enhance the cataloguing as you interact with the manuscripts and their descriptions via the project website ( ).

We greatly appreciate your support for the project thus far, and would be especially grateful for any further contributions you could make to the cataloguing of the remaining manuscripts, including review of existing descriptive data where available.

These manuscripts still to be catalogued are listed on the project site here:

Your expertise remains an invaluable complement to our local cataloguing efforts. Treasures from the collection are still being unearthed, and we appreciate your continued participation in the cataloguing endeavors.

We look forward to seeing your comments posted to the project site and thank you in advance for your valuable contribution to this project.

As always, please feel free to forward any questions, comments and/or suggestions to project staff at,

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