Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal of the History of Sufism (only some free content)

Journal of the History of Sufism

"The Journal of the History of Sufism (JHS) is an annual publication which publishes scholarly articles relating to the history of Islamic mysticism and of Sufi lineages all over the Muslim world. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, articles dealing not only with history, but also with literature, philology, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, folklore, theology, philosophy, fine arts, architecture, and ethnomusicology are encouraged."

Presentation of the journal

Overview of the issues with further information

Free Book Reviews
of No. 1-2 (2000)
of No. 3 (2002)
of No. 4 (2004)
and of No. 5 (2007-2008)

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