Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iran Chamber Society

Iran Chamber Society

"In the absence of a well-documented, comprehensive and permanent source of information on Iran, or formerly and widely known as Persia, that can accommodate many viewers' needs and wishes we decided to create a source, which could provide information on all aspects of Iranian/Persian history, art and culture. Therefore, in compliance with the needs of those who are concerned with Iran/Persia and its issues, in April 2001 "Iran Chamber Society" was founded as a non-partisan and non-profit organization with the aim to promote Iranian culture and history. By actively publicizing historical and cultural findings and issues in a format that is accessible for the world community at large, Iran Chamber Society aims to create a global awareness about Iranian society and eradicate the misunderstandings and misconceptions about Iranian society, and to play an educational role as well."

Culture of Iran
Cultural issues, Festivals, Rituals, Ceremonies and Related articles.

Religions of Iran
Fotgotten and today's Religions, History of Religious Minorities; Related articles.

Visual Arts
Modern and Ancient Iranian Visual Arts, Artists & their works, Photography, Painting, Calligraphy, Pottery, Sculpture, Dance and Related articles.

Cinema & Performance Arts
Biographies and Related articles.

Persian Language & Literature
Biographies; Classical & contemporary literary works and ...

Museums & Galleries
Classical and Contemporary Arts, Carpet, Fine Arts & Glassware and more.

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