Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Open Access Manuscripts Collection: National Library of Republic of Bulgaria.

Manuscripts at the National Library of Republic of Bulgaria.

Arabic Manuscripts

Arabic Manuscripts

"This collection contains nearly 3 200 manuscripts. The digitalization of these documents will be a long-term activity, because of the big size of the collection. At the beginning have been selected earlier manuscripts and rarely seen works in different subjects: Kitab al-Yamini (OR K1) from al-Utbi (XI century) and Shakaik al-Numaniya - copy from the beginning of XI century (OR 801) - hadiths, Sharh al-Luma according to a grammar (OR 1863), Diwan of al-Mutanabbi (OR 2491) and Diwan Ibn Sabit (OR 2488) - poetry, Audah al-masalik (OR 2643) - geography, Miscellany of religious works (OR 492)."

Persian Manuscripts

"This collection includes nearly 120 manuscripts. The copies, selected for digitalization, are in the field of fiction: Timur-nama (OR 994), Ibtida-nama (OR 188), Baharistan (OR 1127) and Sunbulistan (OR 1868) and a work on astronomy – Zidj-i Yamini (OR 1750)."

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