Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Open Access Book: Major voices in contemporary Persian literature

Major voices in contemporary Persian literature (1980) ONLINE. 
Now available at

"Major Voices in Contemporary Persian Literature–Literature East & West 20 (1980), 351p, which consists of twenty-seven sections mostly presenting translations of poetry and prose and plot summaries of novels.

In five online units, including:
in Major Voices.1-99.pdf, “Persian Is Sugar” by Mohammad ‘Ali Jamâlzâdeh and Jamâlzâdeh’s “Introductory Note”;

in Major Voices.99-166.pdf, “The Umbrella” and “The Beggar” by Gholâmhosayn Sâ’edi and Sâ’edi’s “Introductory Note,” and Ali Mohammad Afghani’s Ahu Khanom’s Husband (1961)–A Plot Summary;

in Major Voices.167-244.pdf, “Preface” to An Investigation of Educational Problems on Iran by Samad Behrangi;

in MajorVoices.244-303.pdf, Jalâl Âl-e Ahmad’s The Cursing of the Land–A Plot Summary, and Prince Ehtejâb by Hushang Golshiri with Golshiri’s “Introductory Note”; and

in Major Voices.304-351.pdf, Rezâ Barâheni: A Case Study of Politics and the Writer in Iran, 1953-1977; and the volume’s concluding bibliography."

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