Monday, March 15, 2021

Open Access Bibliography (in German) of Arabic and Islamic Studies by Serdar Aslan

The very gifted and open-minded Islamic Scholar Serdar Aslan - also see the list of his academic publications - has created a very comprehensive bibliography (work in progress) of the whole range of sciences related to Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Content (main topics only - sub-divisions via the links):

Theology and Philosophy

Law and Ethics

Sciences of the Qur'ān

Sciences of the ḥadīṯ

Arabic Language and Linguistics

The Prophet Muhammad

Authors of Islamic Sciences

Past and Present

Orientalism and Islamic Sciences


Hat tip to Serdar Aslan for his huge effort to give us a compass through literature related to Islam. My hope is, that he will expand this on Internet resources. I also would like to recommend his personal channel on Facebook, where he regularly posts enlightening quotes from the relevant literature and links to other relevant media.

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