Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The works of Sarah Hegazi: But I forgive / لكني اسامح


A project documenting the life and works of the late Sarah Hegazi. 

"Sarah Hegazi was born on October 1, 1989. She has three siblings, one of them is older and a sister and a brother who are younger. Sarah lived and received her education in Cairo, where she lived in a neighborhood called Lazoghli. After the death of her father, a science and physics professor, she helped her mother take care of her younger siblings. Sarah comes from a conservative middle-class family, which greatly affected her conscience and enriched her ideas. She was from the street, hearing the voices of the street and raising the demands of the street. Sarah Hegazi did not actually participate in the January 25 revolution, but she resembles many of the sons and daughters of her generation, who believed in the revolution and its values. Sarah’s human rights and political activity has emerged since 2014 when she participated in many seminars and worked on making her pages on social media platforms for dialogue and discussion to present progressive ideas and discuss other political currents."

But I forgive / لكني اسامح : 

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