Monday, December 6, 2010

New Open Access Journal: Middle East Studies Online Journal

دراسات الشرق الأوسط …Etudes du Moyen-Orient…. 
ISSN 2109-9618
Middle East Studies is dedicated to scholarly and scientific research about the region where is living the majority of Arabs and Muslims.We have a broad vision of the Middle East encompassing the area between Afghanistan and Morocco. We consider the Muslim peoples living in the former Soviet Union as connected to this same geopolitical frame. And because we believe strongly that the good knowledge of the region and the varied discourses cannot be left to ideologues, and because we strongly believe that the people of this region (scholars and elites included) deserve to be integrated in the overall progress of modern culture, we dedicate a whole independent section of this journal to theoretical and applied disciplines of social sciences and humanities. 

Our goal is to give you insights and ideas rather than news and information, which can be found elsewhere. However, we do not exclude material related to information in form of comments and op-eds or reports, if it is thought-provoking and serious. The journal is committed to combining academic peer-reviewed articles with timely well informed accounts and analyses...
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