Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Open Access Project: Perso-Indica

Perso-Indica: A Critical Survey of Persian Works on Indian Learned Traditions


Perso-Indica is a research and publishing project that will produce a comprehensive Critical Survey of Persian Works on Indian Learned Traditions, encompassing the treatises and translations produced in India between the 13th and the 19th century. Perso-Indica intends to become the first major reference work for this domain of studies and will offer a unique and innovative contribution to our understanding of the history of Persianate and Indic Asian intellectual and literary traditions and their cross-cultural interactions, as well as of modern South Asian identity construction...


The project philosophy is to offer the widest possible accessibility of its data by the scholarly community. Perso-Indica has been launched in electronic form, and its entries will be freely accessible through its own website.

Funding Institutions

Perso-Indica is based in Paris and has been launched in 2010 through grants from the Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (Tehran) and the Iran Heritage Foundation (London). In addition, from 2011 it will be supported by the research funds of the program «CNRS - Higher Education Chairs», Iranian studies chair at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle - ‘Mondes iranien et indien’ (UMR 7528, CNRS - Sorbonne Nouvelle - INALCO - EPHE), Paris.

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