Friday, December 17, 2010

Open Access Journal: The Islamic Manuscript Association Newsletter

The Islamic Manuscript Association Newsletter
The Islamic Manuscript Association publishes a monthly newsletter highlighting members' news detailing new publications of interest, calls for papers and information about upcoming conferences, seminars, grants, workshops and other training events around the world. The newsletter also includes advertisements for jobs and internships including university positions in Islamic Studies, librarianship, and conservation. The newsletter aims to cover all areas of interest to the Association's members, who are encouraged to send items of interest for inclusion in the newsletter to Members and non-members can also access a newsletter archive dating back to 2007.
December 2010 (82Kb PDF)
November 2010 (106Kb PDF)
October 2010 (127Kb PDF)
September 2010 (154Kb PDF)
June/July 2010 (122Kb PDF)
May 2010 (76Kb PDF)
April 2010 (295Kb PDF)
March 2010 - newsletter not published
February 2010 (46Kb PDF)
January 2010 (110Kb PDF)
December 2009 (198Kb PDF)
November 2009 - newsletter not published
October 2009 (131Kb PDF)
September 2009 (113Kb PDF)
August 2009 (132Kb PDF)
July 2009 (228Kb PDF)
June 2009 (120Kb PDF)
May 2009 (120Kb PDF)
April 2009 (142Kb PDF)
March 2009 (100Kb PDF)
February 2009 (122Kb PDF)
January 2009 (117Kb PDF)
December 2008 (58Kb PDF)
November 2008 (102Kb PDF)
October 2008 (108Kb PDF)
September 2008 (148Kb PDF)
August 2008 (210Kb PDF)
July 2008 (79Kb PDF)
June 2008 (121Kb PDF)
May 2008 (107Kb PDF)
April 2008 (124Kb PDF)
March 2008 (112Kb PDF)
February 2008 (100Kb PDF)

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