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Open Access Journal: Journal of the Iran Society

 [First posted in AMIR 3 January 2011. Updated 9 December 2011]

Journal of the Iran Society
Founded in 1935, The Iran Society acts as a gathering point for those who are interested in Iran's heritage and culture. It is strictly non-political. Its object is to promote learning and advance education in the subject of Iran, its peoples and culture and particularly to advance education through the study of language, literature, art, history, religions, antiquities, usages, institutions and customs of Iran. The Society's principal activities comprise seven lectures a year on a wide range of subjects, publication of occasional monographs, an annual study day (e.g. on Persian carpets or manuscripts), publication of the Society's journal and an annual reception for members and guests.

In 2002 The Iran Society re-launched its Journal which had ceased publication in 1954.

It is intended that the Journal will be issued on an annual basis and will contain summaries of lectures to the Society, reviews of the Society's other activities, book reviews etc.
Contents of the 2011 Journal
    Curzon and the Persian question
    In search of the Shahnameh
    The Azarbaijan Crisis of 1945-46

The centenary of the Persia Society.:
    The history of the Persia Society
    Lord Curzon's speech at the inaugural dinner of The Society
    Portrait of Prince Mehdi Khan Ala-Al-Saltaneh Travel Scholars' Reports:
    Peter Cole in Tajikistan
    Steven Steyr in Iran Books:
    Soldiers, Shahs and Subalterns in Iran
    Drinking arak off an Ayatollah's beard
    Zoroastrianism: An introduction
    The hymns of Zoroaster
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Contents of the 2009 Journal
Iraj: the poet of love and humour
Shah Abbas: his 1000km walk from Isfahan to Mashhad
Zoroaster and the gifts of the Magi
    Ziegler’s man in Persia
    Persian Strawberries
    Farideh’s Garden
    Carpet Collecting in Iran, 1873-1883
    Letters From Tabriz
    Shah Abbas: The Ruthless King Who Became An Iranian Legend
    Persia In Peckham: Recipes From Persepolis
    Isfahan: Pearl of Persia
    Pea Boy And Other Stories From Iran
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Contents of the 2008 Journal
Officers and Council of The Society
Corporate Members
Objects and activities of The Society
Chairman's introduction
Lectures to the Society:
    The art of Omar Khayyam
    Acceptance & denial: HIV in Iran
Travel Report:
    Contemporary Iranian theatre
From the Archives:
    Haji Sheikh Baqer of Hamadan
    Colonel C.E. Stewart
    Professor Ann Lambton O.B.E.
    Paul Gotch O.B.E.
    Shusha Guppy
Book Reviews:
    Omar Khayyam: Poet, rebel, astronomer
    Obeyd Zakani - Ethics of the aristocrats
    Iran - The Bradt Travel Guide
    Empire of the mind - History of Iran
    Iran - A chronological history
    In the rose garden of the martyrs
    Persia through writers' eyes
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Contents of the 2007 Journal
Between the Image and the Word
Denis Wright and the English in Persia
The Centenary of Iranian Oil
Exploring the Geometric Art of Iran
Nasir al-Din Shah and his fools
British Consulates in Iran
Inaugural Lecture 1936
Book Review:
    The Beckoning East
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Contents of the 2006 Journal
Ta'ziyeh in Iran
Alborz Retrospective
Architectural conservation in Iran
Sadeq Hedayat as a scholar
Pascal Coste and Eugene Flandin
Abul Ghassem Khan Gharagozlou, Nasser ul-Molk
Book Reviews:
    Eagle's Nest
    Mirrors of the unseen - Journeys in Iran
    General Maps of Persia 1477-1925
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Contents of the 2005 Journal
Mirza Hassan Khan, Mostof Al Mamalek
Fath Ali Shah and the British
The Iranian State Treasury
    Sir Denis Wright GCMG
    Kenneth Bradford
Book Reviews:
    Iran: A Chronological History
    A Journey to Persia
    The Secret of Laughter
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