Friday, December 9, 2011

AMIR's First Anniversary

This week marks the end of the first year since we publicly inaugurated AMIR.   During that time the email subscribers list had grown to 431 addresses, and the list of Open Access Journals has  grown to  388 titles. All told we have posted 695 individual entries, which have had 48,303 pageviews.

We look upon AMIR as a work in progress, and a step towards more active and thorough control of the universe of open access scholarship on the Middle East and Islamic worlds. We welcome your feedback through the comments function or directly by email. We also welcome active participation by anyone who is interested.

The ten most frequently viewed entries in AMIR are:

Those of you who wish to subscribe by email can enter an email address in the form in the right hand sidebar.  If you are reading this be e-mail, please click through to see the form in question.  Be on the alert to respond to a verification message.  At the bottom of each AMIR related email message is a link allowing you to unsubscribe should you wish to do so.

For those not familiar with such things:  At the bottom of each page you will find one (or more) widgets, like this one:  Bookmark and Share so Your Real Friends Know that You Know. Clicking on them will allow you to share content by email or in a variety of other social media contexts.  We welcome and encourage you to pass along data from AMIR whan you find it useful.  Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources (AMIR) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Those who wish to do so may also follow AMIR on Facebook.

AMIR's older sister project is AWOL - The Ancient World Online.

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