Thursday, May 26, 2011

Online Qur'an Resources

Online Qur'an Resources
The Qur'an is the central text of Islamic ritual and belief, expanding at myriad levels in everyday life, national reflection, and transnational exchange for most of the one billion plus Muslims. Yet it remains a closed book to most non-Muslims or to anyone not familiar with the grammatical structure and semantics of the Arabic language.

Given the religious overtones of the current "war on terrorism," Islam's holy book needs to be taught to American students in a way that both stresses the multiple interpretations among Muslims and the view from a secular but respectful non-Muslim stance. This site provides access to a variety of viewpoints, Muslim and non-Muslim, on the Quran.

The following webpages were constructed for an online virtual seminar conducted in 2002-2003 by Bruce Lawrence and Daniel Varisco as a pilot project of the SSRC. Since then it has been updated annually. Anyone wishing to help keep this project going, please contact the webshaykh.

These sites are provided as a resource base for scholars, students and the public. This is not an endorsement of the content of any specific site. If you have comments or note any problems, please contact the webshaykh, Daniel Martin Varisco.

The Qur'an
Interpreting the Qur'an
Reciting the Qur'an
Translating the Qur'an

Qur'an, Jihad and Justice
Science and the Qur'an
Attacking the Qur'an

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