Friday, July 29, 2011

Open Access Journal: British Muslim Monthly Survey (BMMS)

British Muslim Monthly Survey (BMMS)

British Muslim Monthly Survey (BMMS) started in 1993 and has since then presented a monthly abstract of press reporting on Islam in Britain. (For more information concerning BMMS see All about BMMS. The web version follows the printed version. For reasons of convenience the content list is placed at the beginning of each issue.
Development of the BMMS structure
From 1993 till 1996 BMMS consists of Features, Short Reports and Updates. From the beginning the Updates were subdivided into the sections Education and Mosques. In February 1996 a third section Burials was added. In 1997 BMMS changed its layout. The changes are visible: BMMS has now three instead of two columns and the list of contents are placed at the end. Also the structure has been simplified into Features and Reports. In the web version you can find after every Feature article the link “back to contents”. The section Report is usually subdivided into the following sections: “Community”, “Education”, “Politics”, “Racism”, “Women”, “Youth”, “Interfaith”, “Halal”, “Health”, “Employment” and “Mosques and Burials”. These sections are not linked with the content list, to go there you have press the “back” button on your tool bar on the top. In the year 2000 we decided to produce a web version of BMMS. The huge advantage of the web version - besides its convenience - are the three search functions.

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