Monday, July 4, 2011

Open Access Journals: Ahmadiyya

Periodicals and Journals published by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (mostly in Urdu)

Ansarullah Pakistan (monthly magazine)
The Muslim Sunrise (quarterly journal on Islamic renaissance, USA)
Badr (weekly newspaper, India)
Al Nahl (quarterly publication of Majlis Ansarullah, USA)
Al Fazl (weekly, Pakistan)

Review of Religions (monthly, UK, English), also in French
Al Hilal (quarterly for children, USA)
Al Taqwa (monthly magazine in Arabic)
Khalid (monthly magazine, Pakistan)
Tasheez (monthly magazine, Pakistan)

Mishkat (monthly, Pakistan)
Malayalam (India):
Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada
Ahmadiyya Gazette USA

Al Furqan (monthly, Pakistan, 1954-1977)

Akhbar-e Ahmadiyya

Le Message - Maurice (monthly, French, Mauritus)
Al Manar (monthly, UK)

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