Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Open Access Newspaper Archive: Iraqi Newspapers

Baghdad Times 1918-1923
Times of Mesopotamia 1921-1924
al-Ikhāʼ al-waṭanī (الاخاء الوطني) ‎ 1931-1931
al-Ahālī (الأهالي) ‎1932-1962
Ṣawt al-ahālī (صوت الأهالي) ‎1934-1954
al-Mabdaʼ (المبدأ) ‎1935
The Iraq Times 1948-1964
Ṣadá al-Ahālī (صدى الأهالي) ‎1949-1952
al-Muwāṭin (المواطن) ‎1960-1963
Baghdad News  1964-1967

These Iraqi newspapers archives are made available via Open Access collection of Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers. This is a collaboration of East View and the Center for Research Libraries of Global Press Archive. Text in this archive is searchable but has been automatically generated using OCR software and is not 100% accurate. Users can register and join the effort to correct the OCR-ed text. Changes will take effect immediately and will be available to all users of the platform.
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Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers and Other Periodicals in Middle East & Islamic Studies

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