Friday, July 24, 2020

Open Access Newspaper Archive: Lebanon

al-Bashīr (البشير)  ‎1870-1920
Lisān al-ḥāl (لسان الحال) ‎1877-1932
al-Miṣbāḥ (المصباح) ‎1899-1900
al-Iqbāl (الإقبال) ‎1902-1909
al-Ḥaqīqah (الحقيقة) ‎1910-1944
al-Mufīd (المفيد)  ‎1911-1913
al-Ḥawādith (الحوادث) ‎1918-1922
al-Hadīyah (الهدية)  ‎1923
al-Āḥrār (الأحرار)  ‎1925
al-Barq (البرق) ‎1925
al-Shaʼb (الشعب) ‎1925-1926
al-Āḥrār al-muṣawwarah (الأحرار المصورة) ‎1926-1927
Lisān al-Ummah (لسان الأمة)  ‎1931-1941
al-Qalam al-Ṣarīḥ (القلم الصريح) ‎1933
Ṣawt al-aḥrār (صوت الأحرار) ‎1933
al-Nahḍah (النهضة) ‎1937-1938
al-Mawʼid (الموعد) ‎1948
al-Akhbār (الأخبار) ‎1958-1972

These archives of Lebanese newspapers are made available via Open Access collection of Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers. This is a collaboration of East View and the Center for Research Libraries of Global Press Archive. Text in this archive is searchable but has been automatically generated using OCR software and is not 100% accurate. Users can register and join the effort to correct the OCR-ed text. Changes will take effect immediately and will be available to all users of the platform.
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Alphabetical List of Open Access Historical Newspapers and Other Periodicals in Middle East & Islamic Studies

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