Wednesday, January 19, 2011

arabiCorpus - Arabic Corpus project

arabiCorpus is a project developed and maintained by Dilworth Parkinson, professor of Arabic at Brigham Young University.

The Arabic Corpus provides information on word frequency and allowing user to find larger structures and grammatical patterns. Words can be searched in Arabic or Latin scripts. The website provides detailed instructions on the search. Registration is recommended.

General Information about arabiCorpus
  • Searches large, untagged arabic corpora for words you type in.
  • Searches for EXACTLY the string you type in (and nothing else).
  • Corpora can be searched singly or in various combinations.
  • Some filtering of results available.
  • Easy to search for individual words.
  • Ability to search for multiple words at once.
  • Accepts most of regular expression language.

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