Monday, January 31, 2011

Database of the Damage to Antiquites in Egypt

Egyptological Looting Database 2011: A Site by Site Database of the Damage to Antiquites in Egypt
By Kate Phizackerley
This site was set up on 31st January 2011 to record known (or strongly suspected) details of sites looted during the popular Egyptian uprising of January and February 2011.  The intention is to provide a site by site record of information as it becomes available.  If you have any new information, please use the comment on the relevant page for the affected site; I will consolidate information into the text as soon as information can reasonably be verified. If you need another site adding, please record the information in the comments and I will set up a dedicated site page as soon as I can.  I will also split and re-arrange pages as information comes in.

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