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Mailing List: Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies

The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies Mailing List

The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies is a scholarly network for all scholars and across disciplines such as sociology, political science, history, international studies and religious studies. The major aim of this network is to study and understand the sociological aspects of Islam and Muslim Societies. In this context, the concept of Sociology of Islam has been borrowed from Dr. Ali Shariati, whereas the concept of Muslim Societies was borrowed from Ernest Gellner's argument. We believe that these two scholars represent core aspects of current changes in Islam. Both scholars rejected the Orientalist understanding of Islam and Muslims. Therefore, we take a similar approach in this network.

Mission and Objectives
Our Objectives

This is a scholarly network on Islam and Muslim Societies, which facilitates the academic exchange of information on conferences, panels, articles, books, and events. This network does not promote the orientalist approach toward Islam and Muslim Societies. We believe that Islam is a part and parcel of World civilization and has contributed toward the humanistic value of mankind. However, the last two hundreds years of human history shows us that Muslim Societies have been subject to a colonialist process. This process has transformed Islam from its original meaning and message to that of a reactionary identity. Therefore, today in Muslim Societies we witness poverty, economic inequality, chaotic urbanization, corruption, anti-democratic regimes, gender inequality, and occupations.

The Worldwide Islam Scholars Network promotes C. Wright Mills' Sociological Imagination perspectives in relation to Islam and Muslim Societies. Within this network of Sociologists, Political Scientists, Religious Studies Scholars, Historians, we will exchange scholarly information on Islam and Muslim societies.  

If you want to subscribe to the list, please send me an email.

We also created an archive for the listserv and you can reach the archive at the following homepages:

The Archive at Virginia Tech

The Archive at Portland State University

The Sociology of Islam statistical information is as follow:


* Total number of users subscribed to the list:    1141
* Total number of countries represented:             36
* Total number of universities represented:         413 

If you have any questions, concerns, contributions and recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Best and Salaam to you all,

Tugrul Keskin
Assistant Professor of International and Middle Eastern Studies
And Center for Turkish Studies
Portland State University

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