Friday, January 28, 2011

Open Access Journal: Annual of Urdu Studies

Annual of Urdu Studies
ISSN 0734-5348
The aim of the AUS is to provide scholars working on Urdu humanities in the broadest sense a forum in which to publish scholarly articles, translations, and views. The AUS will also publish reviews of books, an annual inventory of significant Western publications in the field, reports, research-in-progress, notices, and information on forthcoming events of interest to its readers (conferences, workshops, competitions, awards, etc.). Each issue of the AUS also includes a section in the Urdu script featuring old and new writing.
Vol. 25    2010
Vol. 24    2009
Vol. 23    2008
Vol. 22     2007
Vol. 21     2006
Vol. 20     2005
Vol. 19    2004
Vol. 17    2002

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