Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open Access Journal: Nehardea

Nehardea: Journal of the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center is both a Research Institute and a Museum, with an impressive collection of ethnographic material, judaica, archival documents, books and manuscripts. The BJHC publishes research work and journals, organizes exhibitions and holds cultural events and conferences. We have strong ties with Jews of Iraqi origin both in Israel and in the Diaspora, and are in the process of compiling an extensive genealogical database of families originating in Iraq.

No.17, Spring 2010
No.16, Spring 2008 - From the Full Text Articles
No.15, Winter 2005/2006 - From the Full Text Articles
No.14, Autumn 2003 - From the Full Text Articles
No.13, Summer 2001 - From the Full Text Articles
No.12, Autumn 1999 - From the Full Text Articles
No.11, November 1998 - Please contact us for a copy
No.10, November 1997 - Full Text Articles
No.9, December 1996 - Full Text Articles
No.8, November 1995 - Full Text Articles
No.7, March 1995
No.6, March 1993
No.5, June 1991
No.4, April 1990
No.3, June 1988
No.2, Autumn 1982
No.1, Summer 1981

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